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Winterball ("Fall Ball") Softball Program

The Winterball ("Fall Ball") season runs from September through October.  Teams will play two games every Sunday, with practices typically held once or twice a week.  Games are played at local fields which vary depending on your division. Winterball is not a TOGSA sponsored event.  TOGSA is one of several leagues that participate in a program to provide players with additional opportunities to play and practice through the cooperation of coaches and participating teams from the surrounding area.  Individual TOGSA coaches form teams based on an open sign-up process rather than a draft format and each team is an independent entity responsible for paying all of its own fees.  TOGSA does not fund any Winterball teams.  Managers are not obligated to abide by the TOGSA playing rules nor guarantee a spot for every player that submits an application.  The number of available teams is a function of the number of volunteer managers.  TOGSA will do everything possible to assist in matching players to teams.  While the intent is for every player to find a team, TOGSA cannot not guarantee that outcome.  The number of teams is a direct result of the players who register and managers manage a team during the Winterball season.  Every effort will be made to secure managers so that every girl who registers will be placed on a team.  Registration information will be available at the recreational season Closing Day ceremonies and on our website.

There are no standings or trophies for the Winterball season, so participants are playing because of their love of the game and desire to play, as well as the opportunity to further develop their playing skills and to stay sharp for the following regular season.  Girls who play Winterball are stronger players in the next season, and Winterball also allows each player the opportunity to try new and different playing positions.

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For additional information, please contact Mike Garofolo, Winterball Director, by email at

Interested in becoming a manager or a coach? For those interested in managing a Winterball team or participating as a coach, please contact Mike Garofolo at
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